About LB

LB – Laura Belcher is a published UK playwright, screenwriter and an avid blogger.

LB’s work draws from many things in her life:

People inspire me – their characters, personal journeys and stories.  I try and listen a little deeper to people, even when they can’t find any words. 

I’m passionate about travel, exploring new places and meeting new people.  But I love my home county, Norfolk.  I’ve moved away twice and moved back again. 

I’m also educating myself more about Mental Health, every day.  Learning about and becoming more aware of my own personal struggles with mental health and anxiety.

Between the Lines, is a personal conservation, writing out and processing fears, anxieties, hopes, loves, and losses. I wrote this collection for those who are hoping for someone to listen and look a little deeper to them. For those hoping for patient ears.

When you know someone –

I mean really know someone,

You can see and read,

both between and through the lines.

In fact, those lines are no longer visible.

Possibly because, when you know someone –

I mean, really know someone,

Having a uniformed structure – a precise layout,

doesn’t matter.

Because you understand each other completely.

And the content always reads better your way.